AS9100 Quality System Templates for Aviation, Space and Defense

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The AS9100 quality system templates for aviation, space and defense are very effective for controlling critical business operations.

Here you'll find up-to-date starter, lean, comprehensive and upgrade kits in fully editable MS Office format that will help your business achieve compliance to the AS9100 quality system in the aviation, space and defense industries.

Effective February 1, 2014, DLA Land and Maritime supply chain is requiring phosphate coaters to be Nadcap certified - read "Nadcap Notice" to learn more or browse the AC7004 quality system kit. A pedigree for AS9100 also establishes a foundation for Nadcap certification.

Is your Company starting the daunting task of transitioning from MIL-I-45208 or ISO 9001 to AS9100 and find it difficult to locate a resource that will show-and-tell how to implement, maintain and continuously improve?

Learn more about how to create quality control plan for business (opens new tab/page).

We're here to help you and your Company complete your AS9100 quality system improvement project with fully compliant templates, procedures and forms that provide the foundation for your QMS. Our demo documents are open-book to help you make an informed decision for your project and our support is no-charge by phone and email.

The following links will take you to templates where you replace the word "your" in the downloaded documents with your business name or logo, which prepares the templates, procedures and forms for your AS9100 quality improvement project.

AS9100 Comprehensive Kit, $397

AS9100 Lean Kit best business practices, $297

AS9100 Bare Minimum Kit, $197

AS9100 Starter Kit, $127

AS9100 Upgrade Kit, $127 (if you're QMS is already compliant with Rev B)

ISO 9001 to AS9100 Upgrade Kit, $127

Typical Expenses for QMS Registration | Changes in AS9100 Rev C

Most businesses start their AS9100 quality improvement project with MS Office templates. During the implementation phase of the project, most Registrars suggest the business transition to an online quality program to take advantage of the simplicity of electronic document management. Most Registrars expect to see a business running software to simplify and optimize its quality program. Your easy button is Efficient QMS™ with 360° Document Interactivity™

Have you ever been burned by a lost piece of paper during an audit or Customer survey? Efficient QMS™ online quality program eliminates lost pieces of paper. eQMS also simplifies employee access and interaction with Company documents, which inspires Registrars and Customers because an online quality program optimizes any business operation.

Efficient QMS™ prevents paper-based dinosaur eggs from hatching because employees can easily access applicable records, certificates, procedures, contract modifications, drawings or other important documents while visiting with any responsible authority - no waiting. You can't imagine how many bars are raised in Customer confidence when things run efficiently.

24x7 Demo Efficient QMS™

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Learn how to report significant digits for first article inspection.

Use "Search Catalog" to find quality management system resources:

The Starter aviation, space and defense AS9100 kit is designed to introduce management to the requirements of the standard and contains only a few documents, such as the quality manual, conformance checklist, overview, action item form and audit schedule.

The Lean aviation, space and defense AS9100 kit is designed to provide all the documents necessary to achieve certification to the standard but does not contain the "Value-Added" documents that are in the comprehensive kit.

The Comprehensive aviation, space and defense AS9100 kit has more documents because of lessons-learned and continuous improvement opportunities that we've encountered over a significant time (30 years with the most demanding managers and Customers on the planet). The additional forms and work instructions help to present a mature quality system that increases credibility. Your desire to demonstrate for your Customers that your business goes the extra mile is well served by the Comprehensive Kit.

At-PQC™ aviation, space and defense demonstration documents are WYSIWYG; that is, what you see is precisely what you receive in editable MS Office format, and we don't impose restrictive DRM User-limitations. Please feel free to use At-PQC™ templates for your AS9100 quality improvement project according to license terms and conditions.

At-PQC™ is an "open-book" website where you can research the entire content of all demonstration documents, which means you will never take a chance and guarantees you will make a well-informed decision about the right QMS for your project. Tailor your management templates to display your business name and logo using MS Office, OpenOffice or other compatible software. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us for assistance.

If you desire to register your QMS, you should consider purchasing the SAE sponsored document to support your project. Please visit the SAE website to purchase the standards (your Registrar will probably give you these docs with contract):
SAE Sponsored AS9100 Quality System Standard
SAE Sponsored AS9101 Quality System Assessment

24x7 Demo Efficient QMS™

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AS9100 Quality System Upgrade Kit for Compliance with Rev C, $127

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All the documents necessary to comply with revision C.

If your Company is already certified to revision B of AS9100, then you only need a few documents to achieve conformance to the latest revision of the aviation, space and defense standard.

Browse Demo AS9100B to AS9100C Upgrade Kit with the following Username and Password: logo

The Kit contains all documents listed below.

Quality Manual
Changes in Rev C (in download)
Conformance Checklist (in download)
Contract Review Forms
Internal Auditor Training (slides in download)
Introduction to QMS (in download)
Risk Analysis Form
Risk Analysis Work Instruction (value added)
Risk Assessment Critical Elements
Risk Identification Checklist
Risk Mitigation and Planning Procedure
Risk Status Report

AS9100 Upgrade Kit for Compliance with Rev C, $127

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Question from about how to report significant digits for first article inspection report:

Can you help me report significant digits related to first articles??


Thanks for your question - please see ASTM E 29 for the industry standard rounding technique, which is applicable to all scientific work regardless of its nature (first article included).

ASTM states:

"When the digit next beyond the last place to be retained is less than 5, retain unchanged the digit in the last place retained.
When the digit next beyond the last place to be retained is greater than 5, increase by 1 the digit in the last place retained.
When the digit next beyond the last place to be retained is 5 and there are no digits beyond this 5 or only zeros, increase by 1 the digit in the last place retained if it is odd, leave the digit unchanged if it is even. Increase by 1 the digit in the last place retained if there are digits beyond this 5.
The rounded value must be obtained in one step by direct rounding of the most precise value available and not in two or more successive roundings."

We cite ASTM E 29 in Company documents whenever part of the work instruction is to report significant digits for compliance to a spec with only 1, 2, 3 or 4 decimal places. If your measuring device's readout displays more decimal places than the specification then you are required to round your reading to match the number of decimal places in the specification - that's where ASTM E 29 comes in handy...

Example - 0.021"±0.001"
0.0211" to 0.0214" must be rounded down to 0.021" for 2 significant digit specifications;
0.0215" to 0.0219" must be rounded up to 0.022" for 2 significant digit specifications;
(unless the last retained digit from the rounding method is even, e.g., 0.0225" is rounded down to 0.022" since the last digit retained is even, while 0.0226" is rounded up to 0.023")

Example - 0.0215"±0.0015"
0.0211" to 0.0219" must be applied as observed - no rounding is possible if the measurement equipment can only read to the 4th decimal place. If the equipment is capable of reading beyond the 4th decimal place then round to the last digit retained as described herein paying particular attention to whether the retained digit is odd or even when followed by the numeral 5.

Example - 550±50
499.1 to 499.4 must be rounded down to 499
499.5 to 499.9 must be rounded up to 500
600.1 to 600.5 must be rounded down to 600
600.6 to 600.9 must be rounded up to 601

Please find this rounding method in our catalog at "General Requirements".

Hope this information helps your project.

Response from T. Gib., Mission Assurance Engineer: "Thanks a bunch Jennifer and Frank!!!"

Here's how At-PQC™ can help you?

  1. Download editable documents for your project anytime...
  2. Tailor the editable documents to display your information...
  3. ...move-on to your next priority!

At-PQC™ demo documents are WYSIWYG, that is, what you see in our demonstration documents is precisely what you receive in editable format. This guarantees a well-informed decision for your quality program. Documents can be downloaded immediately upon completion of an online transaction or selections can be delivered by email upon receipt of your purchase order at our fax number 719-573-4205.

At-PQC™ shares a commitment and passion to continuously improve. Our most sincere desire is to make a significant and positive difference in the lives of practitioners and business leaders that are responsible for the success of their business. At-PQC™ is committed to providing the highest possible level of technical documents for the support of improvement projects. We believe in the unlimited potential for continuous improvement and we're prepared to support any improvement project that you can imagine - welcome to At-PQC™.

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